I’m a great believer in having strong visual cues in user interfaces to help a user orient themselves. To this end I think manufacturers of devices like Kingson, LaCie, Sandisk, etc. should step up to the plate more and offer the user quality icons for their devices.

LaCie are actually fairly good at this, although some of their icons leave a little to be desired. Sandisk and Kingston AFAIK don’t provide any icons for their devices which is a great pity.

The benefit of these icons mean a user interface can go from this:

stock device icons

To this:

pretty device icons

Now isn’t that much better?

More for my benefit than yours, but I’ve attached/linked to the icons I use here:

Attributed wherever possible to the original author of the icon.

LaCie Little Big Disk Icon

LaCie 2big Icon

Sandisk Titanium Icon Author: iiroku